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Meet Our Founder & Chief Travel Planner

Hey Girlfriend, Welcome to Girls Trip Takeover where we curate the ultimate girls trip experience. My name is Shirley Sims, founder and chief travel planner for Girls Trip Takeover.

I am an educator at heart, serial entrepreneur, a mom, seasoned corporate executive, huge self-care enthusiast, and community engager. 

Girls Trip Takeover is not only about travel, but the experience, creating and empowering a village of women through self-care, travel, and great vibes. We specialize in group travel for women both domestically and internationally as well as major events and luxe retreats. I've always loved traveling with my sisters, girl cousins and friends, which lead me to create a travel group  centered around sisterhood, self-love, and new experiences. 

Our Affiliations. Our Partners.
Our Ambassadors. 

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            Cheers to You

Talking to all the moms, entrepreneurs, Go-Get-Hers, working women, and ladies ready to live your best life....... Sis, I salute you.

Thank you for stopping by Girls Trip Takeover.

We curate life unforgettable travel memories for all occasions. I invite you to join us on a preplanned group trip or let our dedicated team of travel experts create your next girls trip. 

Hope to see you soon!

And Sis, You Deserve It!

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